Historic Main Courtroom gets new flooring

Photo by Brian Stockman – The stark difference between the old flooring, to the left, and the new flooring to the right, is shown here in the Elk County Main Courtroom, which now matches tiling on the first and second floors.
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Main Courtroom of the Elk County Courthouse has been closed for the past week as workers uninstall the seating, and remove the old flooring before installing the new one that will match the design on the first and second floors. Most court proceedings have been taking place in the Small Courtroom just off the Main, that is little more than a glorified conference room, and a bit cramped when there are multiple cases to hear.
The Blanco Carrara (or White Carrara) pattern of the manmade flooring material mimics some of the best Carrara Italian Marble, more specifically from the Alpine region, with streaks of gray and just a hint of blue providing light and spaciousness to a confined space, White Carrara Marble is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated marbles worldwide. The flooring helps lighten up what can at times be a darker courtroom and seems to provide some cushioning for those in attendance at court proceedings. 
Construction will continue through next week, and cases will be held again in the Small Courtroom, but there is a deadline approaching, as the March 4 Elk County Return Day has a full docket of jury calls, pleas, and arraignments. 

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