History comes alive at SMAMS Civil War Day

The St. Marys Area Middle School (SMAMS) grounds were transformed into a Civil-War era battlefield on Friday as part of the school's 12th annual Civil War Reenactment Day. The scene was complete with reenactors portraying various characters of the period, including a field hospital surgeon, uniformed soldiers, cannoneers firing mortar, and a blacksmith fashioning iron. The various reenactors that day had a variety of reasons for being there, but most involved said it was because of the importance of imparting the history to the youth.Edwin Smith with 11th Company C, of Westmoreland County, said his hope is that through events like these, older citizens can ensure that the period is not forgotten by subsequent generations. "Our mission statement is to inform, educate, to keep the memory of the Civil War soldier alive because it's not politically correct this day and age to talk in length about the Civil War, but it is a big part of our nation's history," Smith said.