Horse looking for greener pastures

The Elk County Humane Society is looking for a permanent home for a 7-year-old horse named Smokey. The Humane Society was awarded custody of three horses, including Smokey, in December 2009 following a cruelty case in Elk County. Having already placed the other two, Smokey is the last of the three remaining at a foster farm.Smokey is a 7-year-old male gelding. He is a Haflinger cross-breed that stands 15 hands high, meaning it is 60 inches, or five feet, to the top of his back. He has a palomino golden coloring with a flaxen tail.Elk County Humane Officer JoAnne Smith said that Smokey is in good health and that he stands to be warmed, leads and follows well, and will stand for the farrier or groomer. Smith said that Smokey has not been under saddle, meaning he has not been trained or broken to ride and that he would be, a "perfect project for someone... or for someone just looking for a pasture pet or companion for another horse."Smith explained that the Humane Society has had inquiries for Smokey, but that callers are hesitant about the animal having not been trained or broken to ride. Smith said she wants prospective owners to understand that this is not a shortcoming, but rather means that Smokey has "no bad habits to un-train."