Housing Expo enjoys strong turnout

Cameron and Elk Counties Local Housing Options Team [LHOT] received a strong turnout Thursday afternoon at the 2011 Housing Expo held at the Central Hose Company along North Broad Street in downtown Ridgway.The expo showcased 32 local vendors ranging from contractors, insurance agencies, banks, children's services, government offices and senior services to realtors and suppliers of home furnishings.“We were looking for a project to do to benefit the people in this county,” said Sarah Grunthaner of the LHOT planning committee. “We wanted to do something for the average ordinary homeowner, renter, anybody like that, so we invited local vendors and anyone to do with housing, owning, renting, buying, remodeling, modifications, and there are some social service agencies here, but not many.”By closing time, about 200 people had visited the Housing Expo. According to Grunthaner, the expo was an opportunity for LHOT to give back to the community and hopes it will turn into an annual event.“Next year we are hoping to do this again on a larger scale; this is our first year,” Grunthaner said. “The woman whose idea this was was unable to attend. She had an emergency situation with a spouse, so we carried this through for her. This is what she wanted to see happen this year as our project and I think it's going to become an annual project. “I think she had a wonderful idea.”One of the many vendors participating in this year's event was Kathy Jacobs with Roy B. Constable Stores. Jacobs had a variety of flooring and window blinds on display at her station.