Ice skating underway at Kaulmont Park

The ice skating pond at Kaulmont Park opened for the season just prior to the Christmas holiday break in December 2010 and has been a popular spot for area residents since that time. Kurt Nesbitt, recreation board member, explained that he likes to have the pond open for the season by that time so that people from throughout the area can enjoy themselves at the facility over the holidays. "The turnout for skaters is really nice," Nesbitt said. "You would be surprised at all the different ages that come. Over the holidays, we get crowds of the college kids coming to skate when they are home from break and it's great to see them gather and enjoy skating while they are home. The number of skaters trying their hand at hockey is great too and watching them can be a lot of fun."While people are permitted to play hockey at the site, Nesbitt asked that hockey players try to keep to one end so that families can still use the other end. Certain other activities are discouraged at the facility. "From time to time we do have kids that decide to try and dig holes in the ice with their skates, and this only ruins it for everyone, plus makes it dangerous if someone would hit the hole while skating," Nesbitt said. Snow removal at the site has been accomplished by a combination of volunteers and paid workers.