If a bee swarm grows, call in the pros

Photo submitted – Pictured is a honey bee swarm on a tree branch. The North Central Beekeepers Association will connect residents to someone in the area who can remove these swarms without killing or harming the honey bees.
Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

This time of year, the familiar sound of honey bees buzzing fills the air. But when they form a swarm ball on the tree in the front yard or the corner of the shed, they can be a nuisance.
Instead of spraying the swarm and killing off the much needed honey bees, the North Central Beekeepers Association (NCPBA) will connect you with an area beekeeper who can remove the swarm without using chemicals or hurting the honey bees. This benefits the bees, landowner and beekeeper all at the same time.
“We have a group that have volunteered to go out and collect these honey bee swarms,” said NCPBA Secretary and Treasurer Joan Bradley.
Those who need a swarm removed can submit a request via the website at https://ncpba.weebly.com/honey-bee-swarm-rescue.html, contact Bradley at (814) 697-7586 or contact Sheila Gabreski at the Penn State Extension in Coudersport at (814) 274-8540.
Once a swarm is reported to the NCPBA, someone will contact the landowner to assess the situation and determine where the swarm is located and if the beekeeper is able to reach it.
“We have to know this,” said Bradley. “Because if they’re way too high, a lot of our beekeepers can’t do that because we’re all volunteers. If it’s in buildings we can open up the buildings, but we are not contractors, so anyone that has to have repairs done, they would either have to do it themselves or have a contractor do that.”


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