Illegal dump site investigated on Jackson Road

According to Bekki Titchner, Elk County recycling coordinator, an instance of illegal dumping took place in the Jackson Road area on property owned by Bob Troha sometime between the evening of Saturday, Nov.6 and Sunday, Nov. 7. Troha and his son, Steve, addressed members of the West Creek Recreational Trail Association, Inc. on Wednesday evening regarding the matter. They explained that the material was originally dumped on property belonging to the Trail Association, but was then pushed onto their property by ATV riders. "It was a whole pickup load of doors, windows, everything," Bob Troha said. Steve Troha remarked that if the trail were closed to vehicle traffic, the incident would not have happened. The Trohas indicated that they plan to clean up the mess and Dave Greene, city manager, remarked that they could take the material to the city's Graphite Road site and city employees will take care of it. Dave Stubber, enforcement officer, reported that the material left at the site included a washer, dryer, dehumidifier, some plywood, and fluorescent lights. The Elk County Recycling Office will be offering a monetary reward for information that leads to the prosecution of the individual(s) responsible for the illegal dump site. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the office at 776-5373.For more on this story, see the Nov. 20 version of The Daily Press.