Increasing city’s population is key to strategic plan

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Maintaining or increasing St. Marys’ residency by 2030 is the overall target of the city’s strategic plan as discussed by St. Marys Mayor Lou Radkowski during a recent St. Marys City Council meeting.
Radkowski oversaw the creation of the plan, a majority of its content reviewed the council and city staff.
“We are looking to turn the faucet on and bring people back, new and old,” Radkowski said.
Councilman Andrew Mohney favors the citizen engagement section.
“I think we lost a lot of that in the community sometimes,” Mohney said.
He specifically cited a section of the plan stating the city’s need in “creating a culture of pride and ownership,” with examples being litter cleanup and beautification.
Mohney referenced the numerous community groups working to do these such things, adding the groups are always open to new and more people joining them.
“Trying to come up with a plan to try to engage a certain type of person to try to do these types of things is important as well,” Mohney said. “Because as most things in our community it’s all the older generation and if we don’t fill it with the younger ones it eventually goes away and we get what we got kind of thing.”


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