Is it safe to cross the street?

It's nice to be back in St. Marys after having moved away for a number of years. As the new editor of The Daily Press, I am beginning to get re-acclimated to the area. I'm seeing many familiar faces and meeting many new ones, and I'm learning where people go to shop, eat and play. It's been fun driving around town to see some of the changes that have taken place, as well as experiencing the comforting feeling that some things have stayed the same. What hasn't been very fun, however, is crossing Brusselles Street to get from the parking lot by Elk County Ammo and Arms over to The Daily Press building every day. It can be quite the nerve-racking experience because a lot of people drive by much faster than the posted speed limit. While many people do stop to let you cross, there are just as many who fly through that particular stretch of road. While that part of Brusselles Street happens to have a crosswalk for pedestrians, other roads do not. So what streets in the area do you feel nervous about your kids crossing? Where are the dangerous intersections for pedestrians? Who has almost gotten mowed down while going across the road to the mailbox? I'll bet some people who live on Main Street in Kersey or in Bennetts Valley will have something to say on this topic. - Victoria Stanish, editor

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