ITEC deal close

RIDGWAY – Officials announced Wednesday morning that a deal between Elk County officials and the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission [NCPRPDC] may be imminent as the Industrial Technical Education Center [ITEC] building hangs in the balance."A lot of work has been going on in the past three or four weeks and Susie [Snelick] and her staff have been working with various schools, and virtually all the equipment in our machine shop and welding shop has been relocated into various school districts," said Eric Bridges, executive director of the commission. "I think over a period of two weeks, under close supervision by [Snelick], we were able to get a lot of stuff out and back into various educational institutions so that it can continue to be used for its original acquired purpose. "We were also able to expedite the disposition of one of our larger die setting presses to the Bradford school district and we'll be initiating an auction for the remaining equipment."Elk County officials plan to use the ITEC facility as an upgraded 911 Center after the sale is finished.As the sale of the building is reportedly nearly complete, commission officials have had to develop a disposition plan to "pass out" the various pieces of equipment situated in the ITEC facility since the bulk of it was purchased with tax dollars and grant money handed out from the state government over the years."As far as the electronics lab goes, anything left in there was donated by Domtar and arrangements are being made to expedite the remainder of that equipment as well," Bridges said. "There are still a few big pieces of additional equipment that ultimately need to be disposed appropriately, but processes are ongoing now to get that rolling. "In the context of the facility being ready and prepped, we still have tenants in the facility so we continue to be mindful of them and we're encouraged to see the support from the staff."As the disposition schedule continues, a purchase deal is close.