ITEC plan continues

Officials gave the go-ahead Tuesday for the sales agreement that will give Elk County the Industrial Technical Education Center [ITEC] facility located along Montmorenci Road in Ridgway Township."That's a culmination of a lot of public meetings that we've had and public hearings since late last fall," said Elk County Commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg. "This isn't really new news to anyone, but it's really important that we move forward with it and the [ITEC] building represents a huge savings over what we would've had to pay to fix the existing building and/or the construction of a new building. "I acknowledge everyone for this, especially Mike McAllister, he's done a great job and it's going to be a great project. I have to emphasize, and we've done so at every public forum where we've discussed this, but this is all done without any need for any additional tax revenues."Officials hope to start doing construction and building modifications to the ITEC building sometime in July.A raised floor for cables underneath will reportedly be used and security doors will be changed as well; the work is expected to last from roughly July until early September."In September, we'll start doing the electronics," McAllister said. "The computer network is all new because the technology to make everything work is that way. "We'll put in the new computer network and the 911 furniture for the dispatchers and consoles will also go in."The phone system itself also has to be replaced. Officials recently received an 'end-of-letter' stating that their phone system is no longer being manufactured and within approximately one year, parts will no longer be maintained for the system.