Jay Supervisors approve loan, audit quotes

The Jay Township Supervisors approved a variety of ordinances and other old business items during their Thursday evening meeting. A motion was approved to display the proposed 2011 budget at the municipal building for a 30-day review period. The 2011 budget shows the township income at $535,053, with expenses totaling $495,250.The board chose to continue with the current nuisance ordinance, which was enacted within the township in 1992.“We are not changing the nuisance ordinance,” stated supervisor Francis Gustafson. “We’re not spending any money to change it. Residents should continue to bring complaints in and we will look at them. It all comes down to the supervisors making the decision.” The board expects the junkyard ordinance to be completed by next month’s meeting. Also announced was a vacancy on the Sewer Authority Board and two on the Water Board.A letter of re-appointment was received by Geoffrey Sidelinger for the Water Board and a letter of intent was received from Chester Lundy for the Water Authority Board.Resident Bob Coppolo informed the board of the state’s requirement that anyone appointed to any township board must submit a statement of financial interest at least 10 days prior to their appointment. Supervisor Jeremy Rippey asked if this policy was in place while Coppolo was a supervisor. Coppolo stated that any township board member has to file a financial statement by May 1 of each year if they are on a board. .Rippey presented quotes for a Certified Public Accountant to conduct the township’s annual audit. The county’s auditor, which has performed the services in the past, would perform the service for $1,650, while Bradford Company would cost $2,750 for an audit package and CPA Joseph Lazore would cost $4,750.Rippey said he wanted to go with Lazore for the audit. “It’s very thorough and I think it’s what we need right now,” Rippey said. “It’s the safest expense we can do.”“We can try it for a year and see what comes of it,” Gustafson added.Rippey added that Lazore has worked with other municipalities and maintains CPA standards required by the state. Supervisor and Roadmaster Murray Lilley was opposed to the idea of paying $4,750 for an auditor, which he said is roughly $3,000 more than what is allocated in the budget.“I’m looking at the taxpayers’ money,” Lilley said. “We’re already changing the budget that has been laid out on the table.”A motion was made by Gustafson to approve Lazore to conduct the township audit. The motion was seconded by Rippey, with Murray obstaining from the vote.The same voting format occurred for the creation of a time clock policy. Rippey introduced set hours of shifts for township road crew employees. Lilley added that it is the roadmaster’s job to set those work hour shifts.“I didn’t set the shifts, they (road crew employees) asked for them,” Lilley said.Rippey replied that, “Somebody has to be the boss and tell them their times of work.”Lilley suggested Rippey inform the road crew about the new policy before changes are implemented.The township was quoted by PennDOT that it will cost approximately $221,000 to pave Caledonia Road. Typically the township adds another 10 percent to the estimated cost. For more on this story, see the Nov. 19 edition of The Daily Press.