Kersey resident selected for cow tag in elk license drawing

After being shut out for the past two years, an Elk County resident was finally selected in this year's elk license drawing, which was held by the Pennsylvania Game Commission at the main headquarters in Harrisburg on Wednesday afternoon. The drawing was originally scheduled to be held on Friday, Sept. 9, but was delayed due to flooding in the Harrisburg area. As has been the case since the event was moved back to Harrisburg, the drawing was broadcast via live video feed on the Game Commission's website. Fifty-six licenses was awarded this year, 18 for bulls and 38 for cows. The Kersey resident who was drawn was identified in the Game Commission's database as "SR GREENAWALT." The individual was one of two for which a first name did not appear. The other was identified as "III POLLACK" of Aliquippa, who was selected for a bull permit. Based on information provided by Cal DeBrock, Director of the Bureau of Wildlife Management with the Game Commission, during the live webcast, these two individuals will likely not know for sure for at least a few days if it was their name that was drawn. "Over the next few days, all hunters' names will be validated by our licensing system, and we'll be updating the information in the licensing system as well," DeBrock said. "Presently, the status for all individuals' applications for elk licenses is listed as 'pending.' Once the database is updated, which is expected no later than this time next week - we're going to do this as quickly as we can - those that were selected for an elk license will see the status change from 'pending' to 'awarded,' as well as the designation of the elk hunt zone and whether they were awarded an antlered or antlerless license."DeBrock also indicated that 18,542 elk applications were received this year, more than 92 percent of which were from Pennsylvania residents. 6,698 hunters applied for only an antlered elk license, 172 applied for only an antlerless license, 11,099 applied for a license for either gender, and 573 hunters applied just for a preference point. DeBrock noted that while these individuals are accruing points, they were not included in this year's drawing. A total of 3,271 hunters have accrued nine preference points each since they were first offered in 2003. Counting all preference points, there were a total of 87,879 entries in this year's drawing.