Kersey residents sail off on Semester at Sea

Kersey residents Dennis McGeehan and his wife Deb Shaw have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. The couple will be on Semester at Sea, a ship that provides educational learning experiences for college students while sailing worldwide to many ports of call. The couple boarded the ship on Jan. 18 and will be afloat until May. During that time, they will be two of about 40 "lifelong learners," adult instructors and liaisons for the 500 to 600 college-age students who will be on the trip. McGeehan will be teaching a variety of history and writing courses, while Shaw hopes to be there for the students and lend them moral support when needed. McGeehan had attended Semester at Sea as a student and said it was an unforgettable experience, prompting him to want to return as an instructor. "I went in '83 as a graduate student. It changed my life. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done," McGeehan said. "Today the program is run by the University of Virginia. They go around the world twice a year. They teach about 65 classes where any student from any college in the country-- or the world-- can sign up and then get college credit and transfer it back to their home university.