Large crowd, broken glass prompts discussion of open container law

Large amounts of broken glass strewn along a portion of Market Street and near-riot conditions prompted a thorough discussion about events in which the city's open container law is waived. Councilman Greg Gebauer brought up the matter during Monday's St. Marys City Council meeting, explaining he was summoned to Market Street at 2 a.m. on Saturday, where upon his arrival he witnessed 50-100 people whom he described as "carrying on, staggering around and being loud.""The thing that disturbed me the most was the amount of glass that were broken on the street and in Gunner's parking lot," Gebauer said.While on-scene, Gebauer said he witnessed people throwing bottles and noted the large amount of glass crunched under car tires.Gebauer emphasized that he is not against waiving the open container law for events, but believes it should be stipulated any alcohol served should be in plastic cups rather than glass bottles if patrons plan on going outside with their drinks.