LaRouche Movement makes stop in St. Marys

On Friday two men representing the LaRouche Movement and political action committee (PAC) stood outside the Post Office in St. Marys beside a table strewn with literature and signage expressing disapproval of President Barack Obama's foreign and domestic policies, as well as depictions of the Commander-in-Chief with a toothbrush mustache as worn by Adolph Hitler.The two men, Tony Esposito and Joe Billington, both of Upper Darby, Pa., attempted to engage passersby on the subject of politics and the current president.The men, both college-educated and Democrats, said they are compelled to demonstrate on behalf of the LaRouche Movement, named for Lyndon LaRouche, an economist that sought the presidential office five times between 1976 and 1992 running on the U.S. Labor Party ticket. They said they have been to "every post office in Pennsylvania and New Jersey." The men said their intent was to spread the organization's message and work toward an end goal of removing President Obama from office. "We are working as part of a national effort to create a situation where Obama is removed from office by constitutional means, impeachment or forced resignation like Nixon. He's got to be removed, he's quite dangerous. He's gearing up for war in the Middle East. He's working for not America's benefit, but the benefit of the globalist bankers of the British Empire, the London-based financial empire," said Esposito. Asked if the LaRouche Movement was backing a current presidential candidate, Esposito said that neither Obama nor any of the Republican candidates were qualified for the presidency.

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