Leadership Elk County visits state Capitol

HARRISBURG - Leadership Elk County traveled to Harrisburg on Tuesday, May 3 to tour the state Capitol, speak with local representatives and hear from state leaders. This was the last in a series of 10 classes aimed at giving future leaders of the area a better understanding of the many facets of Elk County. Class members met with Senator Joe Scarnati for a question-and-answer session and tour of the Senate floor. The LEC class was invited by Scarnati to sit in on a Senate session to get a firsthand look at how it is run. After visiting with Senator Scarnati, the group moved on to the Pa. House of Representatives to meet with Representative Matt Gabler. He provided a look at the House floor before accompanying the group on a guided tour of the Capitol. Following the tour, Representative Gabler offered a question-and-answer session while the group enjoyed lunch. Next month, Leadership Elk County will meet on June 8. This will be the last session of 2010-2011. Participants will present their class projects and participate in a graduation ceremony. Photo submitted.