Legion baseball to switch to wooden bats in 2013

ST. MARYS - With Pennsylvania American Legion baseball teams set to switch to using wooden bats starting next year, Region 8 Director Denny Haberberger decided to take advantage of the Region 8 Tournament's close proximity to Brookville and invite sales representatives from BWP Bats, LLC to Berwind Park on Sunday to show off some of their bats and answer questions from teams from throughout the region. BWP Bats is located in Brookville, off of Exit 86 along Interstate 80. Haberberger indicated that he plans to encourage teams to use the company as a supplier next season. "I think what we're going to do in Elk County, even my whole region, is I'm going to talk to all the coaches and maybe order them as one group," Haberberger said. He explained that he decided to invite the representatives from BWP Bats to the tournament on Sunday after recently touring their facility.