Living Science program educates, entertains

Students at South St. Marys Street Elementary had the chance to become a living part of science of Friday morning during a unique presentation.Two presentations took place in the school's auditorium, each exploring light and electricity.The Living Science program, offered through the Bureau of Lectures, featured presenter Helen Stevens who interacted with students throughout the program. According to Stevens she will present the program to 250,000 students this year.Several demonstrations took place, each featuring student volunteers.Among the lessons conveyed, Stevens explained that while normally a plastic straw cannot pierce a potato, if a person places their finger over one end of the straw making it a solid object, the potato can then be pierced by the straw.Some of the students favorite experiments included The Human Lighting Chain which demonstrated how electricity flows over the human body. Stevens also showed electricity in an arc welding form by having a student rub together two rods which produced bright sparks.For more on this story see the Jan. 15 edition of The Daily Press.