Local company born of Marcellus Shale boom

ST. MARYS - The emergence of the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania has presented an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to fill a variety of roles and jobs created by the Marcellus Shale boom. Service companies and contractors like EverGreen Gasfield Services of St. Marys, established in January 2010, have carved out a niche in providing services, equipment, and laborers to the oil and gas companies. Rick Marzella, president of EverGreen Gasfield Services, and vice president Mark Nero said their business does contract work for larger gas and oil companies, including Hunt Oil, Seneca Resources, Pacific Gas & Electric, J-W Energy Company Operators, EXCO Resources and EOG Resources. Marzella said the company provides services such as the cleaning of fracking tanks, during which the frack water and sometimes sand and oil-based mud are removed from the tanks using a vacuum truck.Marzella explained that the cleaning of a frack tank involves a team of up to four laborers inside of the confined container with "pressure washers and squeegees." The material extracted from the tank gets mixed in with binders, including sawdust, lime or fly ash to increase the viscosity of the mixture and prepare it for proper disposal according to environmental regulations.