Longtime voters honored at gathering

RIDGWAY – Elk County government officials honored 15 new members of the state's Voter Hall of Fame Tuesday morning with a short program and brunch at the Courthouse Annex along Center Street."We just wanted to thank and recognize [them] for the voting record of 50 consecutive years," said Elk County Commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg. "[They] deserve it. We appreciate it when people take [voting] seriously."The voters were joined by several dignitaries, including state Representative Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk), Mark Adams from state Senator Joe Scarnati's (R-25) office, and many at the county government level, including commissioners Janis E. Kemmer, June H. Sorg, and Freeburg, as well as treasurer Peggy B. Schneider, and sheriff Jeffrey C. Krieg."I appreciate these voters because the fact of the matter is, I worry about where our country is going," Gabler said. "Each generation is different and I wanted to make sure that my generation looks up to the people who have taken the responsibility. "If you're willing to be so precise and make sure that you come to every election for 50 years, that tells me something more about your character and your involvement in the community. That's going the extra mile."For Gabler, every average citizen has the ability to do something great but, on the same token, anyone also can go unrecognized.