MacDonald issues statement on behalf of ECCSS

Staff Writer

Elk County Catholic School System President Sam MacDonald issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon regarding the Aug. 14 release of the Pennsylvania Attorney General Report on Child Abuse in Pennsylvania Diocese.
Currently ECCSS is in the process of reviewing the grand jury report.
“ECCSS joins Bishop Lawrence Persico in expressing our profound sorrow for the victims in these cases. This report highlights serious failures of moral and institutional leadership over many years. The graphic details highlight the ways in which those failures compounded the suffering inflicted on these victims,” MacDonald said.
ECCSS concurs with Bishop Persico’s letter to parishioners, dated Aug. 12, 2018, in which he says:
“The most important thing I want to do at this moment is to express my sorrow to the victims of sexual abuse that occurred within the Diocese of Erie. As the grand jury report demonstrates, they have experienced cruel behavior by the very individuals who should have had the greatest interest in protecting them.”
In that same letter, Bishop Persico also urged the faithful to review the report on their own.
MacDonald stated “the details are disturbing, but full transparency is the only path to healing for victims, and the only way to ensure that all church ministries continue our efforts to create a safe environment for our children.”
As President of Elk County Catholic School System, MacDonald said he is proud to be working directly with Bishop Persico in these troubling times.