Marcellus water agreement put on hold

JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg Municipal Authority member Ed Gapinski updated borough council members Monday on the status of the water sales agreement with the Hunt Marcellus Operating Company. The agreement for the municipal authority to sell the Hunt Marcellus Operating Company up to 157,000 gallons of water per day was put on hold last month by the state Department of Environmental Protection [DEP]."We are in trouble with DEP," Gapinski said. "We have outstanding VOCs [Violations of Compliance]. We have a control panel that should be installed at Silver Creek right now."Gapinski noted a member of DEP was scheduled to inspect the installation of the control panel yesterday."If we get the blessing on that, we only have one other ordeal to take care of, which is a chlorine sensor that has to be installed, and once that is installed we are permitted to sell Hunt Marcellus 157,000 gallons of water per day and we get a check to do some upgrades," Gapinski said. "Hopefully by Jan. 1, we will be able to sell them 300,000 gallons per day."The Hunt Marcellus Operating Company is currently purchasing water from the Ridgway Borough."If these wells come in good for everyone here, it's a good thing," Gapinski said. "Everybody says it's a bad thing, but by us selling them water we are keeping the trucks off of the highway because if we don't sell to them, they are just going to haul from somewhere else and everybody is going to be upset."

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