Masson to render verdict in Kralik hearing in 30 days

RIDGWAY - The second part of a Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) hearing, filed by Edward R. Kralik, 68, of St. Marys, took place Friday afternoon at the Elk County Courthouse. The first portion of the hearing took place December 8, 2011.Kralik plead guilty in May to third-degree murder in the June 2010 homicide of Clayton Lecker of St. Marys and is currently incarcerated at State Correction Institution (SCI) Smithfield in Huntingdon. The purpose of the second part of the hearing is to hear medical testimony presented on Kralik's behalf. Kralik requested a videoconference in order to alleviate having to travel due to his ongoing health illness.Elk County President Judge Richard Masson presided over the hearing, ruling that both sides have 30 days to file any memorandum in the case. After those 30 days, Masson said he will render a verdict on the matter.