Masson to rule on competency case for alleged arsonist

At a hearing Friday morning at the Elk County Courthouse, President Judge Richard A. Masson heard arguments on whether alleged arsonist Philip Bradley Wolfel was competent to stand trial. Wolfel, age 22, of 5448 Rasselas Rd., Wilcox, is charged with setting a fire at a house previously located at 204 Depot St. in Ridgway on Aug. 12, 2010.Masson expects to issue a ruling on the case in seven to 10 days based on further examination of the forensic evaluation summary to determine if Wolfel has the capacity to commit the offenses and stand trial for charges of setting fire to the house with six people inside. The site has since been razed and turned into a parking lot.Wolfel agreed to participate in the evaluation during a hearing held Monday, Nov. 22, 2010 at the courthouse.Defense attorney Shawn McMahon offered as Defense Exhibit 1 a report completed at Warren State Hospital following an evaluation of Wolfel.