Mattiuz introduces potential finance ordinance

Fox Township Supervisor Dave Mattiuz introduced a resolution to create a draft finance and budget ordinance which will establish specific budget guidelines when allocating money from the Landfill Host Fee Fund.The board approved Mattiuz's motion. "I think this discussion is necessary," said Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller. "I thought it was a good idea 12 years ago. We should make sure the numbers are right before we are locked into anything. This is exactly where we ought to go."Mattiuz's draft ordinance included two parts. The first part would create a line item for investment savings; review figures to establish a percentage of the Landfill Host Fee total income to be allocated for the line item; allocate funds necessary to balance the General Fund; allocate funds for road maintenance and improvement projects which the roadmaster deems necessary for the year; and after such funds have been allocated, then entertain funding requests for the remaining amount.The second portion of Mattiuz's proposed resolution includes protecting the future financial health of the township by prohibiting the spending of its investment savings money and respective interest income until the Landfill Host Fee income ceases to exist.For more information on this story, see the Jan. 5 edition of The Daily Press.