Monitoring project receives more support

Nature Abounds will be assisting the Elk County Conservation District [ECCD] in an effort to monitor the water quality of the streams for the Elk County Monitoring Project.Nature Abounds is a nonprofit organization located in Clearfield that serves as a center for people to connect with like-minded individuals interested in protecting the environment and taking action toward creating a healthier environment."The group [Nature Abounds] has been out in the field, twice, learning how to use the sampling equipment," said Elk County Watershed Specialist Kim Bonfardine. "Several of the folks have been out in the field to get experience using this equipment."They are going on their own, in order to get the experience, before we have them taking the real data."In further efforts to monitor water quality, the ECCD has hired an intern to assist with the monitoring project. Seth Weible began his internship on May 16."He is working out very well so far," Bonfardine said. "We were expecting two interns, but we only got one."Weible will also be working with the Elk County Solid Waste Authority."We are sharing him," Bonfardine said. "Some days he gets out to recycle, and others he works with me on the monitoring project. He is an excellent worker, and we are off to a great start so far."We will be selecting locations for the meters, and once we get them set up, he will be going out and checking and entering the data. He will actually be making the database and doing a lot of work on the spreadsheets."