Nangle truckin' along throughout SoCal

Shannon DePonceau Nangle, 33, of Apple Valley, Calif., spends a majority of her time traveling through California and Nevada as a truck driver for Performance Team, an ideal career for someone who says she doesn't like being stuck inside a building all day.Over the past seven years, Nangle has delivered everything from dry bulk products such as powdered cement, sand and rock from mills to various batch plants, to an array of household items and merchandise."I always thought it would be cool to have a job that allowed me to go different places and see different things," Nangle said. "Getting to be outside all day and seeing new things everyday, meeting new people and having a great bunch of co-workers at my terminal are my favorite aspects of the job."Throughout the past fours years, Nangle has been assigned to a Big Lots account in the southwest region of California. As part of her duties, she picks up merchandise from vendors and delivers it to the Big Lots distribution center."I have also delivered for Mission Foods and CVS drugstores," she added.Nangle is a native of Elk County, having graduated from Johnsonburg Area High School in 1995. She continued her education, receiving an associate of science degree from Victor Valley College in southern California. While living in Elk County, Nangle worked at Sheetz from 1993-1995 and was a CNC lathe operator at Windfall Products from 1995-1998."Growing up in a small town gave me the desire to get out and see other places. Now that I live and work in a city, I appreciate the slower-paced lifestyle when I visit back home," she explained. "Plus, I enjoy the natural beauty more because I live in the desert now!"Nangle is the daughter of LouAnne Miller and Mike DePonceau and has a younger brother, Louis DePonceau. She is married to Mike Nangle and has one daughter, Inez DePonceau.Nangle explained that she learned trucking on the job with her husband, who taught her how to drive. Working long hours and missing her family are downsides of the job; however, Nangle said that both her husband and daughter provide an integral support system.When asked what has contributed to her successful career, Nangle said, "A supportive husband that helps me around the house when he's home and understands the lack of sleep that truckers get. Also, my compassionate daughter that puts up with all my crazy schedule changes; her flexibility and her creative kitchen skills are also a big help. She does an awesome job cooking me nutritious meals when I get home from work!"Nangle said on-the-job challenges include obtaining the proper amount of sleep due to odd work hours and dealing with traffic."Small docks that were built before they had 53-foot trailers and getting around in tight cities are two major challenges," Nangle said.In the future, she hopes to continue to maintain a good balance between work and home time. As for those considering trucking as a career option, Nangle advises that it's not for everyone."Some days I love my job, some days are a little rougher! Be prepared to work long hours and cherish every moment of sleep you can get," she said.In her downtime, Nangle and her husband enjoy riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles with their good friends, as well as spending time with their family and three dogs.