New business offers services for errands, tasks

ST. MARYS – Kevin O’Leary and business partner Rick Emmert have launched a new service to help area residents tackle just about any task at an affordable price. Errands-B-Gone was established in October to offer people help with errands and tasks, from pet-sitting to painting a room. “We provide a wide variety of services, anywhere from running an errand to writing resumes and taking cars for service or taking customers to doctors’ appointments, hairdressers’ appointments,” O’Leary said. “What we do is just about every service that’s out there.”Their website,, provides an extensive list of services offered, including grocery shopping, resume writing, help with computers, assembly of home items, chores around the house, assistance with moving and rides to appointments to the airport. Exceptions to the list of “anything goes” are mowing lawns and shoveling snow or construction work, O’Leary said, because so many area businesses already offer these services.A unique feature of the business is that the service does not have a set list of prices. Customers can submit a bid for the work they want done, rather than having to adhere to a set price for a task. O’Leary said they will accept any reasonable bid for services, and once a price is agreed upon, will complete the errand or task requested. “We allow them to pretty much post what they’re willing to pay for that. Basically, you name your own price and then we take care of it from there,” O’Leary said.He said the idea for Errands-B-Gone was inspired by his more than 19 years of experience in the insurance and banking fields and an understanding of the kind of service customers expect. “You have to be very customer service-oriented in both those fields. We have a strong customer service background and want to treat our customers the best way we possibly can,” O’Leary said.The owners said they also realized that there are a number of tasks that people might need to have completed, but may not have the time nor the ability. They knew that such “jack-of-all-trades” services are offered in larger areas and wanted to bring a touch of “big-city” service to fit the needs of clients in a more rural area.“We did see a need in our area for it. This type of service is offered in the bigger cities,” O’Leary said. “You don’t have to live in a big city to get that type of treatment or that type of service.