New hunt zone, 2018 elk license allocations proposed

Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

Monday marked the first day of the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners’ second quarterly meeting of the year, and individuals were once again able to view the meeting via a livestream available on the agency’s YouTube channel. Among those to address the board was Dr. Christopher Rosenberry, deer and elk division chief for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who presented a brief overview of the status of the state’s deer and elk populations, as well as recommendations for antlerless deer and elk license allocations.
According to Rosenberry, PGC staff are still in the process of completing their annual minimum count of the state’s elk herd and expect to have those numbers available soon.
“Much of our time this winter field season was spent capturing adult female elk to collect blood samples for pregnancy testing,” Rosenberry said. “As a result, we’re still working to complete the 2018 minimum count. To date, we’ve counted 774 elk and we have observed 17 of our 37 collared animals along our survey routes.”
He indicated that efforts will be made to locate the remaining collared elk to count them and any other elk with them later this week and next week.
“We expect the minimum count number this year to be higher than where it is right now, but given our minimum count results to date, our elk population is doing well,” Rosenberry said.
In fact, he remarked that the population is doing so well that the recommendation was being made to create an additional Elk Hunt Zone for this fall’s hunting season. That zone, known as Zone 14, will be located in the area to the northeast of the current hunt zones.