New look for Elk County Catholic School System

Students in the newly formed Elk County Catholic School System (ECCSS) are also sporting a new look this school year, with uniforms being phased in that are designed to better reflect the unity of the system as a whole. Although there are different requirements and allowances for student uniforms at each grade level, the biggest noticeable change is the color: whereas in the past the major components of students' uniforms at the elementary and middle school level were blue, they are now maroon/burgundy and gold, more in sync with the colors of the attire worn over the years by students at Elk County Catholic High School. Black and gray pieces are also being worn to finish the new look. Elk County Catholic High School Principal Sandy Florig explained that she was asked earlier this year by ECCSS President Fr. Michael Ferrick to chair a uniform committee, with the goal of agreeing on a new uniform code that would reflect the unity of the system, as well as provide a more contemporary look. "The title of 'Crusaders' was given to the students in the entire system, with the maroon and gold colors being accepted system-wide," Florig said. The uniform committee was comprised of Florig and two mothers and a teacher from each school building-- the elementary, middle and high schools-- who met weekly to discuss and explore ideas for the new look. "Three companies were given the invitation to showcase their styles - Flynn and O'Hara, Lands End, and Schoolbelles," Florig said. "After students modeled the various samples and styles, the committee liked the new box pleat style of skirt that only Schoolbelles could provide, as well as the weskit that the middle and high school girls really enjoy. The new plaid matched the school colors and was a contemporary look that appealed to the girls, as well as all the options that were also available in the plaid. "An overall dress code was then determined, with the goal being to have a set uniform for each building, including gym attire-- making the different levels very recognizable while being very age-appropriate."