North Central host PREP meeting at Elk Country Visitor Center

Photo by Brian Stockman – Christine A. Perneski, director of enterprise development at North Central, hosted and directed the meeting at the Beautiful ECCO building at the Elk Country Visitor Center.
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission PREP Network recently held its quarterly meeting at the Elk Country Visitor Center in Bennezette. The North Central PREP Network includes the counties of Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, Jefferson, McKean, and Potter; along with Industrial Development Organizations, Local Development Districts, Small Business Development Centers, Industrial Resource Centers, and complementary economic development organizations. This coordinated network can quickly analyze needs, formulate a plan and assemble a team to put that plan into action.
What is PREP? PREP is the Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance; it is a statewide network of regional partners designed to work in concert to deliver vital business assistance services across 10 regions of Pennsylvania.
This network is committed to preparing businesses to start, grow, and flourish. Local and regional PREP partners have the experience and know-how to assist individuals who have an idea and need help with the basics of starting a new venture. PREP also meets the demands of existing companies that seek assistance in all aspects of successful business development and growth.
A lively group discussion focused mainly on communication between all the agencies represented the bulk of the meeting before presentations began. All agreed to keep the lines of communication between the entities open so that duplication of work did not deter collaborative work.
This first PREP meeting was a great opportunity for all the parties to network and several ideas and people were brought together that may not have found each other without this interaction.
The next meeting will be set for the early spring, and updates will be sent out to members in a timely fashion.

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