NRA concludes smallbore hunting rifle competition

The NRA National Silhouette Championships concluded the smallbore section of the week Tuesday. Cathy Winstead-Severin (Joplin, Mo.) won the national championship in smallbore hunting rifle with a 3-day score of 108 (37-36-35). Enrique Kuess Jr. (Laredo, Texas) was second overall with a 106 and Kenneth M. Haupricht (Johnsonburg) finished third overall with a score of 102. Eric Boos (Little Rock, Wash.) was the aggregate master class champion with a score of 100. Alan Bruce Finley (Calhoun, La.) was second with a mark of 100 and Gabriel Guerra (Monterrey, Mexico) was third with a score of 100. Laura Goetsch (Whites Creek, Tenn.) took fourth with a mark of 100 and Dennis Martinen (Yakima, Wash.) was fifth at 100. Mark Pharr (Round Rock, Texas) was sixth with a 99 and Mallory Nichols (Fort Smith, Ark.) had a seventh-place finish at 99. Susan Peery (Churchton, Mass.) was eighth at 98 and Ben Marzella (Ridgway) was ninth at 97. Scott Pierce (Lewistown) rounded out the top 10 with a 97. In the aggregate standings for AAA class, Angelica Kuess Davila (Laredo, Texas) was the class winner with a 99. David Leedy (Rebersburg) was second with a 93 and Jorge Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was third with a 92. Enrique Kuess Sr. (Laredo, Texas) took fourth place with a score of 85 and Jason Peterson (Bell Buckle, Tenn.) was fifth with a mark of 84. Kevin Burge (Terra Alta, W. Va.) was sixth with a score of 81 and Richard Franke (Clinton Township, Mich.) was seventh at 80. Carlos Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was eighth at 79 and James Kniss (Mount Joy) was ninth at 79. David Gillispie (Reedsville, W. Va.) was 10th at 77. In the aggregate AA class, Mark Latham (Washington, Mo.) was the winner at 82. Tyler Bonson (Reedsville, Pa.) was second at 75 and Sue Critz (El Paso, Texas) was third at 73. Patrick Petrillo (Hollywood, Fla.) was fourth at 70 and Jake Sprague (Cary, N.C.) was fifth with a 67. David True (Canberra, Australia) was sixth with a 67 and Kathryn Grigg (Shelby, N.C.) was seventh at 65. Jim Pendleton (Markdale, Ontario, Canada) was eighth at 64 and Mickey McBride (Erie) was ninth at 62. Alex Pierce (Lewistown) was the A class winner in the aggregate standings with a 62. Deon Germishuizen (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) was second with a 60 and Nick Opperman (Lalucia, Durban, South Africa) was third with a 60. Duane Burleson (Sterling Heights, Mich.) was fourth with a 58 and Tom Fullem (Ridgway) was fifth at 57. G. Michael Mackey was the aggregate B class winner with a 41. In Tuesday's individual match results, Angelica Kuess Davila was the match winner with a 37. Laura Goetsch was second overall with a 37 and Luke Johnson was third with a 36. Enrique Kuess Jr. was the master class winner with a 36. Mark Pharr was second at 36 and William Zander was third with a 35. Alan Bruce Finley was fourth at 35 and Cathy Winstead-Severin was fifth at 35. Kenneth M. Haupricht was sixth at 34 and Eric Boos was seventh at 33. Jerry Toreau was eighth with a 33 and Susan Peery was ninth at 33. David Leedy was the AAA class winner on Tuesday with a score of 34. Jorge Moreno was second at 33 and Richard Franke was third at 29. Russell Wise was fourth at 29 and Dick W. Floyd Jr. (Alexandria, Va.) was fifth at 28. James Kniss had a sixth-place finish with a 28 and Jason Peterson was seventh at 28. Gary Dawson was eighth at 28 and Owen S. Peters took ninth at 27. Jake Sprague was the AA class winner with a score of 30. Mark Latham was second with a 28 and Tyler Bonson was third at 24. David True was fourth at 24 and Jim Pendleton took fifth at 23. Nick Opperman was the A class winner at 22 and Kelli Grim was second at 19. John Jones was the B class winner at 16.