Officials take close look at CareerLink

With some budget cuts being anticipated, officials at the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission [NCPRPDC] are looking at the region's various CareerLink sites."As we're working through the process with our partners, to date we've confirmed that Potter, McKean and Elk [counties] will all be able to remain comprehensive centers," said Susie Snelick, Workforce Investment Board Director. "That is the result of partners stepping up and looking at cost-savings, looking at budgets and being able to continue to contribute and maintain comprehensive sites."With Cameron County, we're going to move forward with that as an access to point-- basically services are going to be available in that county but they're going to be available on an intermittent basis."Partners that will be participating include Title I, the EARN program, the Bureau of Workforce Development Partnerships and the state's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.