Outcry continues over SR 255 tree removal

The outcry over the removal of trees along SR 255 continues as St. Marys resident Monica Radkowski voiced her dismay during a recent city council meeting. "South St. Marys Street is what it is now. We lost the trees, we're getting these infiltration basins. PennDOT can paint the picture with whatever brush they want to paint it with, but it's downright ugly," Radkowski said. The $12.8 million multi-year project being done by Dave Gutelius Excavating of Millflinburg has caused controversy as property owners are outraged about the trees removal and that PennDOT does not plan to replace any of them.Radkowski noted about 80 trees from South St. Marys Street Elementary School to Vine Road.While Radkowski understands the need for progress, she questioned why PennDOT could not have tweaked their plans to eliminate the unnecessary removal of all the trees. She said the beautification is now in the hands of the property owners.