Outdoor furnaces subject of heated debate at Jay Twp.

At Thursday's meeting of the Jay Township Board of Supervisors, an ongoing dispute between neighbors again brought the issue of outdoor furnaces as a public nuisance to the forefront.Sid and Eileen Dolansky have for months been after the board to intervene on their behalf and stop neighbor Howie Barnett from what they claim is constant burning of his outdoor furnace. They cited adverse effects, including health problems and air pollution, as well as diminished property values.At October's meeting, board members definitively told Dolansky that Barnett's furnace was installed prior to the township ordinance -- in other words, "grandfathered in," and because of that there was little, if anything, they could do aside from enforcing the chimney height regulations as specified in the ordinance. At Thursday's meeting, Eileen Dolansky produced a copy of the "pre-existing outdoor furnace registration list," which she said does not include Barnett's name. When asked by the board why his name did not appear on the list, Barnett said that at the time he installed the furnace he was not made aware any such list existed and that the project was completed before the ordinance went into effect on June 18, 2009.