Park Day draws 150 participants

It may have been chilly and overcast on Tuesday morning, but that did not deter roughly 150 area youngsters between the ages of four and 15 from turning out for Benzinger Park's annual Park Day. This marked the 37th year for the event, which got underway at 10 a.m. and continued through the early afternoon. "We're really pleased with the turnout," said Benzinger Park Director John Schneider. "It (150) is a good number just to keep the events moving and keep the kids interested and involved." Park Day featured many of the same events participants have enjoyed in past years, such as a football throw, home run derby, volleyball serve, frisbee throw, basketball foul shot shoot, hockey shoot, and a tennis serve. Gone this year though was the beanbag toss, and in its place two new events were added: a hula hoop run and a softball throw.