Park program offering free art lessons this summer

ST. MARYS - The St. Marys Recreation Department will be offering free art lessons at Kaulmont Park for area youth this summer.The lessons will be taught by Liz Dippold, an art education major who will be entering her senior year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dippold, who has worked at Kaulmont and Memorial parks during the past few summers, said she is hoping to help students explore their talent and love for art while they learn proper drawing and painting techniques. "This is a great opportunity to learn some basic and advanced techniques in drawing and watercolor painting for free. It's nice to get a more academic approach to arts and crafts," Dippold said. She said the scenery at Kaulmont is also a benefit and will offer views that students can replicate in their art. "That's why I wanted to have lessons out here. It's such a beautiful park," she said. Art lessons will initially be offered to students in two different age groups, and Dippold will teach three lessons for each, with two focusing on drawing and the other on watercolor painting. Students ages 10 to 14 years old will be in one group, and students from 15 to 18 years old in the other. Lessons for each age group will be held at different times and dates, with a final schedule yet to be determined. Dippold said if there is enough interest, she will consider adding other age groups and even adults to the schedule.