Parking garage maintenance questioned

During Tuesday's City Council meeting, St. Marys resident Warren Stewart inquired about two issues regarding the demolition of the Dimitri building and the upkeep of the parking garage.In reference to the empty lot on the corner of Center Street made vacant by the demolition of the Dimitri building, Greene said the only work remaining is for the gas company to cut off some of the pipes. He replied to Stewart's inquiry, stating that parking meter heads will be replaced on the street. Stewart questioned council about the upkeep of the parking garage, specifically in regard to recent snow removal. He said the applicable areas of the garage were not plowed and noted the lack of pay machines, security cameras and vending machines inside the garage.Greene explained the city is waiting on the delivery of anti-skid material, which is coming from Ohio, to use in plowing. Equipment is in place to plow the garage pending the arrival of the anti-skid. He added that there has been no company interested in installing vending machines inside the garage, with companies stating they do not think the machines would be profitable."We will have our cameras tied into ATA cameras which have yet to be installed," Greene added, referring to Stewart's question about security cameras in the garage.According to Greene, the payment machines were already shipped. He said the information pertaining to the cost to park was provided to the manufacturing company in November. From there, it takes six to eight weeks to manufacture the machine."This should have been done a year ago. It is just bad planning on the city's part," Stewart said.