Parking spots to be removed along South Michael St.

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Seven metered parking spots along the east side of South Michael Street will be permanently removed in an effort alleviate congested traffic.
St. Marys City Council has determined that vehicles parked in the metered spots pose a safety hazard to passing traffic by limiting lane space.
City Manager Tim Pearson said the city did not receive any public comment on the advertised ordinance.
On Monday evening Councilman Ned Jacob cast the only opposing vote, however he explained his reasoning was more with the wording of the ordinance than the actual removal of the meters.
The ordinance states that the location of the meters to be removed is from Brusselles Street to Walnut Street, however Jacob argues it should state to Cherry Alley, which is just shy of Walnut Street.
A total of seven meters will be removed.
Deputy Mayor Greg Gebauer noted he periodically witnesses drivers parked in the spots despite the meters having bags on them stating no parking.
Gebauer said he hopes the police will aggressively enforce any drivers violating the new no parking areas.
New no parking signs will be installed. The city also plans to remove the parking meter lines.
Gebauer said he would like council to consider removal of the handful of parallel parking spots along the west side of Chestnut Street near the Mill Street intersection.
“This is also a choke point where there’s not adequate space for passing traffic,” Gebauer said.
Council’s next regular meeting is Monday, July 16 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.


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