Pathologist provides testimony in Rebert trial

BROOKVILLE — A forensic pathologist testified Tuesday that while gunshot wounds to the neck and trunk killed Wayne Shugar, there were also two areas of hemorrhaging under his scalp.He also testified that Wayne Shugar's wife, Vicky, died of a gunshot would to the trunk, and chipping defects on her fingernails were defensive wounds, suggesting that perhaps she was fighting off an attacker.Dr. Eric Vey, forensic pathologist for the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab in Erie, testified Tuesday for the prosecution of Steven P. Rebert's double-homicide trial, saying that he serves in this position for 12 counties, including Jefferson.Judge John H. Foradora accepted District Attorney Jeffrey Burkett's request that the court recognize Vey — who has completed more than 4,000 autopsies and testified about 150 times in homicide cases — as an expert witness. Defense attorney John Ingros had no objection.Vey said in performing autopsies in which the victim has been shot, he counts the number of wounds so as to keep himself organized; the numbering of the wounds has nothing to do with the sequence, he said.