Political signs discussed by council

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Once again the topic of political signs was discussed by members of St. Marys City Council during their recent monthly meeting.
Deputy Mayor Chris Pletcher, who presided over the meeting in the absence of Mayor Lou Radkowski, said the issue has been a topic for decades.
The issue was recently brought to the attention of council following a concern brought up by a local resident. Since then City Manager Tim Pearson responded to the resident’s letter with information regarding the topic.
Pletcher explained the ordinance states political signs are permissible to be displayed within 30 days prior to the election and five days after an election. Election day is Nov. 3. There are different stipulations for different signs.
No action has been taken in regard to modifying the city’s ordinance regarding political signs and nothing new has been proposed for the ordinance.
Pearson explained the display of political signs is a zoning ordinance issue therefore if a city staff issues a warning stating a resident is in violation then according to city code the resident has 30 days to appeal to the zoning hearing board who has final say over the issue. The city cannot take action on the issue during those 30 days.
He added this year signs were up much earlier than previously due to the primary election taking place in July.
The topic was also discussed in 2017 in which the city opted not to pursue enforcement action as the signs are on personal property.