Preliminary budget includes tax increase

Photo by Amy Cherry - St. Marys City Council discusses the 2018 preliminary budget during their Monday evening meeting.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The city's 2018 preliminary annual budget was approved for publication on Monday by St. Marys City Council. It must be adopted 30 days prior to the end of the fiscal year.
The budget calls for a .3 mill increase, equal to $66,000, which will be allocated to the Recreation Fund for a variety of large capital projects.
The tax increase would raise the average resident's tax bill by $15 on a $50,000 assessed home.
During a recent budget workshop, the motion to include a tax increase for the Recreation Fund in the preliminary budget narrowly passed by a 4-3 vote. Those voting in favor were Greg Gebauer, Andrew Mohney, Lou Radkowski and Mayor Bob Howard while dissenting votes were cast by Ned Jacob, Bob Mohr and Gary Anderson.
Beginning Nov. 24, the budget will be on display for 10 days at City Hall and at the St. Marys Public Library. A public hearing will take place Dec. 18 where final changes may be made to the budget prior to adopting it during council's regular monthly meeting.
"This gives residents time to research the budget," City Manager Tim Pearson said.
On Dec. 22, the budget will be on display for an additional 10 days. If needed, a special council meeting can be held the last week in December to adopt the budget.