Principals provide updates on schools

Area principals provided updates on their schools during a recent school board meeting.South St. Marys Street Elementary Principal Bob Grumley said there were nearly 700 requests for parent-teacher conferences. Grumley clarified that despite rumors, each grade level will host musical productions this year.  He noted the successful visit from the Mobile Ag Lab. The school's third grade classes participated in the lab. In conjunction with the event, Veronica Conrad, president of the Elk County Humane Society, hosted additional activities at the school.The school also held a Family Fun Night, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), during which attendees viewed "Toy Story 3" and enjoyed popcorn during intermission.Fox Township Elementary also hosted a PTO Family Fun Night, which featured the movie "Marmaduke."Christine Kuhar, principal of Fox Township and Bennetts Valley elementary schools, said a great deal of technology has been integrated into both schools. Among them are book chats linking both schools together."We are seeing more teachers incorporating technology and exploring new websites," Kuhar said. "There is some good stuff happening. We are pleased with it."During one project, a teacher accessed a website in which she input specific information about her class. The information was utilized by a robot during a three-minute greeting when it introduced that day's lesson plans. In addition, Bennetts Valley began community story hours in November. The story hours also include a craft project.In November, students received dictionaries from the Rotary Club during a special presentation.St. Marys Area Middle School Principal Jim Wortman stated that 90 percent students participated in the school's fundraiser TEAM event, which consisted of students selling tickets for four prize packages which featured Penn State, Steelers, autumn and holiday themes. "This fundraiser takes pressure off everyone with this one-time event. It was extremely successful," Wortman said. "We've averaged between $3,000 to $5,000 per fundraiser for each grade level in the past. These fundraisers included selling cookie dough, Marianna's hoagies, Pizza Hut coupons, Meadows coupons and magazine sales. The profit average for this new fundraiser was approximately $7,000 per class."For more on this story see the Dec. 2 edition of The Daily Press.