Prison policies updated

The Elk County Prison Board continued a recent trend Tuesday morning by continuing to update existing policies used at the Elk County Prison."We have additional policies that have been updated since our last meeting that need to be approved as well," said Elk County Prison Warden Gregory J. Gebauer.The updated policies pertain to staffing from an administrative standpoint; security issues, including commitment/recommitment, use of force (taser use) and instruments of restraint; and treatment involving healthcare and suicide prevention, screening and response.According to Gebauer, there were 47 incarcerated individuals housed in the facility as of 9 a.m. Tuesday morning; seven are females and "the facility is currently housing two inmates from non-county commitments at a rate of $50 a day."Average daily population numbers averaged between 37 to 43 in the last four months. The facility had an average population of 40 inmates in January, 37 in February, 37 in March and 43 in April."The facility also has generated $8,300 from housing out-of-county commitments since our last meeting," Gebauer said. "Work release fees collected during this time period were $16,435. "Total housing revenue generated for the year is $8,300 and work release collected during this time period is $16,435."The 2010 audit was completed recently by the county's auditors and the various accounts related to the corrections facility were in order.