Project Lifesaver to help authorities find 'wanderers'

Photo submitted - Project Lifesaver National Trainer Timothy Caldwell, a retired deputy sheriff, instructs an Elkland Search and Rescue volunteer how to use a receiver device when locating a missing individual wearing a Project Lifesaver transmitter.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

A new program being implemented in Elk County can quickly help locate individuals prone to wandering away from their homes, specifically those suffering from cognitive problems.
As part of Project Lifesaver, individuals are outfitted with a bracelet which relays their location through a global positioning system to local first responders.
Project Lifesaver is a Florida-based non-profit organization developed in 1999. The program is geared toward those living with Alzheimer's, dementia, autism, traumatic brain injury and Down syndrome.
"As we know we're an aging population and as we get older there are going to be an increased number of people who are dependent and will be experiencing some of these cognitive issues and developmental issues that we're hoping to address through Project Lifesaver," said Elk County Commissioner Matthew Quesenberry.
The program is being brought to Elk County thanks to the diligent efforts and collaboration of non-profit entities Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) and Elkland Search and Rescue, along with the Elk County Sheriff's Office and Elk County Commissioners' Office.