RDA hopes to expand boundaries

Warren Stewart recently approached members of city council on behalf of the St. Marys Redevelopment Authority (RDA), informing them that the organization plans to expands the boundaries of the portion of the city it currently covers. Stewart provided council members with a diagram of the city, with different colors indicating how the group's area has changed over the years and informing council that the RDA plans to propose expanding its area to cover the same boundaries as the city's commercial district. "This is basically for the use of CDBG funds. It has to go to the planning commission, but we wanted to get your input - if there were any problems or anything - on it before we run into problems or anything else," Stewart said. He noted that the new boundaries the group hopes to cover are not only designated by specific streets, but are also sometimes designated by specific properties. "One of the things that we noticed was Washington Street, you can't do the back side of Washington Street. We can't do the other side of Brusselles Street. We're limited to one side, we can't do both sides," Stewart said. "We wanted to encompass that and get that worked in there. We have a couple projects that we'd like to do, so we want to get this passed and through as quick as possible."He asked council members to contact him if they had any issues with the proposed boundaries.