Recycling center approaches half-ton mark

The Elk County Community Recycling Center is rapidly approaching the half-ton mark for No. 5 plastics."We have about another dozen boxes of No. 5 plastic to ship," said Elk County Recycling/Solid Waste Coordiantor Bekki Titchner during Tuesday night's Solid Waste Authority meeting. "We have a whole mountain to take to the post office again."We are approaching 1,000 pounds of the stuff. It's pretty amazing."Titchner would like to remind the public that all labeling on the plastics must be removed; containers must be clean; and the 'No. 5' inside the chasing arrow symbol must be somewhere on the item."Most of what we get is good, though we still get the ooey-gooey container where you take the lid off and it's very odiferous, especially as the weather gets warmer, but most people try, so it's a good program," Titchner said. "They just need to keep putting those couple bucks into the donation jar because it costs a lot of money to send these things away." According to Titchner, the recycling center is having problems where residents are not sorting out their plastics."We are starting to get folks whose children or other relatives who live in more urban areas where they have single-stream recycling, where everything goes in one toter and it goes to a huge single-stream facility," Titchner said. "They say 'Why can't we do that here?' and it's just because we are very rural. "We just don't have the ability to do that, but most people are pretty understanding and we are just starting to see new things over time."