Recycling center begins baling

The Community Recycling Center, located in the Stackpole Complex in St. Marys, recently began baling plastic and other items that have been received since it opened its doors at the beginning of October. According to Bekki Titchner, Elk County recycling coordinator, so far the center has processed eight bales of plastic and two bales of corrugated cardboard. She noted that the center has been receiving items at a tremendous rate since discontinuing the drop-off containers in St. Marys and eliminating the collection of plastic at other sites throughout the county. "We probably have close to a half-ton of magazines and at least several hundred pounds of newsprint, if not more, and maybe a hundred pounds of tin cans," Titchner said. "We have our paper split up a number of different ways, and some of it stays in boxes and some of it has to get baled. We're well underway, but obviously the plastic is what we're seeing the most of." For more on this story, see the Oct. 29 edition of The Daily Press.