Recycling center to get part-time help

RIDGWAY – Members of the county's salary board voted Tuesday to create a part-time position to assist in operations at the community recycling center and other collection programs operated through the Elk County Solid Waste Authority.Officials on Tuesday gave the green light for a "Level 5" position with either a non-probationary rate of $11.07 an hour or a union probationary rate of $11.45 an hour; the rate is contingent upon further evaluation of the job, specifically responsibilities with various pieces of equipment at the center."We're really busy and the center has grown, I think much faster than anyone ever anticipated," said Bekki Titchner, recycling/solid waste coordinator for Elk County. "All of us have been putting in a lot of hours over there. "We're moving forward and we don't ever want to leave our volunteers there without a staff person, so one of us always has to be there."The center has been fortunate this summer to have two young men from the Stackpole PHEAA [Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency] program, but their inclusion has shown authority members "how much help [they] actually need."